Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

Fair taxes mean lower taxes

Making sure everyone pays their share would help us lower taxes overall

Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus   Mar 07, 2018

Do you pay taxes?  Would you be upset to learn you're paying more than your share because many corporations are using teams of accountants and attorneys to take advantage of legal loopholes here and in other states to avoid paying their taxes?

It's true. Big corporations have spent years hiding their income and using other loopholes to avoid paying some or all of their taxes in Pennsylvania. That hurts schools, communities, and families like yours, who have to pay more to make up the difference.

That's why here in Pennsylvania, House Democrats are pushing for fair taxes in our Plan for PA, so individuals like you and the businesses that pay their taxes enjoy lower taxes. We need to level the playing field and unrig the system. State Rep. Scott Conklin is introducing legislation to require "combined reporting" in Pennsylvania. Combined reporting would make it harder for large, multi-state companies to hide their Pennsylvania earnings -- and avoid their Pennsylvania taxes.

Making sure everyone pays their share would help us lower taxes overall; the legislation would also reduce the Corporate Net Income tax rate from 9.99% to 7.99% -- helping businesses that play by the rules to compete and create more good jobs for our workers.

More than 25 states already use combined reporting. It is tax policy that puts small businesses and middle class families first rather than huge corporations.  It's a way for us to make Pennsylvania work for everyone, not just the corporations and special interests.


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