Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

House Democrats to GOP: Stop spreading the flu

Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus   Feb 14, 2018

Would you want a person with the flu preparing your food, caring for your child in a day care setting or sitting next to you in the break room? Unfortunately, millions of people report to work sick fearing loss of pay or losing their job.

As we’ve all seen on the news, this year’s flu season is a killer. According to this Washington Post article, flu seasons are made worse by employers who don’t offer paid sick leave to their  employees in both the rate of illness and the employer’s own bottom line.

So why haven’t we passed legislation to enact paid sick leave?

78 percent of Pennsylvanians support paid sick leave.  64 percent strongly support it.

The House Democrats’ #Plan4PA includes legislation (H.B. 701) to ensure all workers are given the opportunity to earn some sick time off so they can take care of their own medical needs or the medial needs of their families.

With legislation like H.B. 701, costs will be reduced to workers and employers, and job retention will be higher. And, as people return from paid sick leave to work, they won’t be as dependent on public assistance or subsidies.

Paid sick leave makes sense and is good public policy. #PeopleFirst


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