Plan 4 PA: Putting Peoplke First

A Plan for Pennsylvania that Puts People First

Billionaire special interests are using Republicans in Harrisburg to rig the system, and leaving working people to foot the bill. Harrisburg Republicans care about power; Pennsylvania Democrats care about people.

Republicans in Harrisburg – at the direction of their corporate bosses – are trying to cut your pay, cancel your benefits, make it impossible for you to see a doctor when you’re sick, and prevent you from ever being able to retire.

PA House Democrats have a Plan for Pennsylvania that Puts People First. We're fighting for good jobs, affordable health care, quality schools and a strong middle class. By standing together, we can change the direction of Pennsylvania.

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Jobs Plan For PA:0A New Way Forward

You work too hard, and you’re not getting paid enough. While corporate profits and CEO pay and perks are higher than ever, worker pay has actually gone DOWN.

PA House Democrats want to grow our economy and create good jobs across the state -- jobs that pay real wages and offer real benefits -- so everyone can have a brighter future.

Here's how:
  • Create jobs and invest in 21st Century infrastructure. Make sure everyone has affordable access to broadband internet, whether you live on a farm in Greene County or a high-rise in Philadelphia.
  • Create jobs and invest in roads, bridges and transit. You can’t build a road or a bridge for Pennsylvania in China. Investing in better roads, bridges and public transportation creates construction jobs and helps companies build and expand here.
  • End the corporate handouts that don’t deliver on jobs and wages. Most jobs in our state are created by small businesses, not the mega-corporations that can afford an army of lawyers and lobbyists to take advantage of the loopholes that Republicans in Harrisburg want to give them.
  • Stand up for Unions. Strengthen collective bargaining rights and make sure nurses, teachers, firefighters and other workers have strong unions.
  • Demand paid sick leave for all workers. Sick workers stay sicker longer and get co-workers and customers sick. If all workers earned paid sick days, we'd have a stronger economy, and you wouldn't have to worry about eating a burger cooked by someone with the flu.
  • Demand better pay and equal pay. If you work full time, you should be able to support your family and pay your bills. And “same job, same pay” -- it’s that simple.
  • Fight for families with a new paid family/medical leave system. Workers who can recover from illness or care for a family member without losing pay or losing their job have a better shot at the American dream, and save employers & taxpayers money in the long run.
Health Care Plan For PA:0A New Way Forward

If you get sick, you should be able to afford to see your doctor. We can’t return to the days when insurance companies turned down patients with pre-existing conditions. We can't force seniors to choose between paying for their prescriptions or for their food and heat.

PA House Democrats want quality health care that people can afford. Better care means healthier families and more jobs -- good jobs with real pay and benefits. Nurses and other healthcare workers – and the patients they care for – shouldn’t be sacrificed for endless corporate profits.

Here's our plan:
  • Protect Medicaid Expansion. Saving lives and creating jobs. Talk about a win-win.
  • Defend the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Parents who work but don’t have insurance need the peace of mind of knowing their kids are getting preventative and emergency care.
  • Lower the cost of prescriptions. People should be able to afford the medications they need to stay healthy and alive.
  • Stop Trump and the Republicans in Washington and Harrisburg from gutting Affordable Care.
Education Plan For PA: A New Way Forward

Quality schools prepare kids and adults for a lifetime of success, no matter what path they choose. And every Pennsylvanian deserves an opportunity for success, no matter where they come from or where they live.

We need job training for everyone and affordable college for anyone who wants it, because the high-tech, high-wage jobs of tomorrow need workers ready to earn, not adults saddled with crippling debt.

Here's our plan:
  • Make sure the state is paying its fair share. Right now the state only kicks in about a third of the cost of public schools – dead last in the country. It needs to be at least half. It’s time to invest in public schools from kindergarten to high school.
  • Keep our kids safe while they learn. Make sure our kids are protected, and give them access to counseling and the full range of mental health services they need.
  • Make tuition affordable at state colleges, universities, and community colleges. Students should be able to earn a degree and graduate without crippling debt.
  • Pay for job training and apprenticeship programs. College isn't for everyone, but everyone needs a good job.
Middle Class Plan For PA: A New Way Forward

The Middle Class built Pennsylvania through hard work and sacrifice. Working people know you don’t get something for nothing…we can’t have quality schools, good roads and strong communities without everyone paying their fair share – no more, no less.

But giant corporations are using Republicans in Harrisburg to rig the system so they can pay less while you pay more. PA House Democrats want to level the playing field and rebuild the Middle Class.

Here's our plan:
  • Cut corporate taxes, but end the cheating. Yes, we want to cut the corporate tax rate, but let's close the loopholes that allow big companies to pay little or nothing and leave you holding the bill.
  • Make gas drillers pay their fair share. Every other gas-producing state has a tax on drillers, but corporate special interests have spent hundreds of millions convincing Republicans in Harrisburg to let them take the gas from under our ground and sell it for a huge profit, while you pay more.
  • End the loopholes for billionaires. Tax income from stock trading, business profits, and dividends at a higher rate than income from wages. Shift the tax burden from small businesses and working people to those who can afford to pay -- large businesses and the wealthy.
  • Protect retirement security for everyone. You shouldn't have to work until the day you die. When you're done working, you should enjoy a quality retirement with dignity and financial security.